Enchanted Kingdoms 游乐园菲律

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【目的地】菲律宾旅游The Enchanted Kingdoms make a difference challenge works via ways of showing random acts of kindness to people you may or may not know!The act of kindness could be as simple as holding open a door for someone, or even just letting a car out into traffic. See what random acts of kindness you can do, and then let us here in the Enchanted Kingdom know of your good & noble deeds.If we all was just a little bit more kind and considerate to others, maybe others would start to be more kind and considerate to us!The dictionary defines a Kingdom as a ‘country headed by a King or Queen; A realm or domain’. The Internet has become a world within a world.Here within what shall be known as the Enchanted Kingdom, you are offered the chance to become a person of nobility, with the ranks and status that comes with it.This is your online community, your chance to be who and what you aspire to be.Be it Sir or Dame, Lord or Lady, Duke or Duchess.You can meet like-minded people from all walks of life.
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